Select one or more activities from our wide choice.


Opt for the Chemistry Bunker or the Bridge Challenge to consolidate your team. It's the perfect way to start a festive evening or a team meeting. Or go with a conference on beer or sex to please the more curious of you during your dinner.


[Game] Chemistry Bunker: $ 200
[Game] Bridge Challenge: $ 350
[ Lecture] The Science of Beer: $ 400
[Lecture] The sex of the animal world: $ 400
[Conference] Special Cinema Effects: $ 400





If you wish, choose one or more scientific cocktails . These will be distributed during the evening to spice it up.


[EXAMPLE] A smoking and luminescent gin-tonic as an aperitif while waiting for everyone. A sparkling instant just before your meal and a gimlet with vodka ice as a Norman hole.


Each time, your post-apocalyptic mixologist will introduce you to the world of his daring cocktails through a series of experiments and demonstrations.


  • 1 cocktails: + $ 150

  • 2 cocktails: + $ 250

  • 3 cocktails: + $ 300


Alcohol and meeting permit not included





or 5 @ 7?

 5 @ 7

Come and do an activity with us for a total duration of 3 hours or less, depending on the number of cocktails and the activity you have selected.

No additional fee


In this package, you can take possession of the premises from 5 p.m., and you have the room until midnight.


Ideal for supper on site with your favorite caterer. Take advantage of your meeting permit to bring your own alcohol!


Also take advantage of our facilities and two scientific animators for the evening. Use our equipment (fridge, tablecloths, dishes, sound system, projector) to create a memorable evening.


Cost: + $ 200





Is your work team looking for something out of the ordinary? Start the evening around 4 p.m. with a steaming and luminescent gin-tonic. Take the opportunity to take photos to impress the friends and families while waiting for the rest of your colleagues. Then, when everyone has arrived, an animator with a strange outfit will pick you up to make the Chemistry Bunker: a game of deduction and logic. Electrifying atmosphere, spectacular activities, it's perfect!


Duration: 1h45

Chemistry Bunker: $ 200

1 cocktail: $ 150

5 @ 7 mode: included

Total: $ 350

alcohol and license not included.



A holiday party in sight? Your office team can be served as survivors! Start your evening with a first molecular cocktail and then switch to "save humanity" mode in the Bridge Challenge. The spirits will surely heat up! Once the winning team has been named and the dust has settled, enjoy a second scientific demonstration followed by a post-apocalyptic cocktail. In front of you, your animator will transform wine into sparkling wine!


Finally, during dinner, an animator will set up her presentation, to talk to you about animal sex. Crazy laughter guaranteed!


Duration: from 5 p.m. to midnight

Bridge Challenge: $ 350

The sex conference: $ 400

3 cocktails: $ 300

Bistro Mode: $ 200

Total: $ 1,250

alcohol and license not included.



Our partner company, SE 2 , can organize a memorable and turnkey evening for you. You just need to choose the menu according to their suggestions.


A post-apocalyptic mixologist will stay with you to serve you and sell drinks on site!


Cost: $ 750 + $ 10 / person

Capacity: 35 people



- Meeting permit ($ 46)

- Bistro mode ($ 200)

- The manufacture and service of 3 molecular cocktails per person ($ 300)

- Alcohol for the 3 molecular cocktails

- Pay bar service for the evening



- The cost of the caterer

- The cost of the chosen activity


Possibility of groups larger than 35 people, open bar, scientific punch. Contact us to discuss it.


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